Global Housing Policy Indicators

The Global Housing Indicators (GHI) collect consistent, objective, comparable information on the policy environment for adequate and affordable housing.  The GHI include information on the policies and practices under which housing in a country is (or is not) owned, rented, financed, subsidized, serviced, regulated, planned and built.

The GHI were created by and for housing practitioners to use as a standard way to collect information about housing policies across cities and countries. 

Relatively few housing policy indicators exist. Some collect information about one aspect of housing policy such as property rights.  Others  focus on finance in the formal, developed real estate sector.  Still others are data collections of housing conditions.

The GHI are different because they consider housing policy holistically. They are designed to address such questions as:

·         What policies are in place and where?

·         Who are the housing policies intended to benefit?

·         Which policies are enforced or ignored, and why?

·         What types of investment behaviors do policies encourage or discourage?



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