Building Shared Solutions for Inclusive Cities: A Forum on Adequate Housing

September 19, 2012

By Maria Luisa Zanelli: Advocacy and Partnership Outreach Manager, Habitat for Humanity International

“Building Shared Solutions for Inclusive Cities” is the central message of the Forum on Adequate Housing in Latin America and the Caribbean that will bring together different sectors and showcase innovative, practical and effective housing interventions from Sept. 25-28, 2012 in Bogota, Colombia.

Organized by Habitat for Humanity, the International Federation of the Red Cross, UN-Habitat and Minuto de Dios, the forum will cover four key themes--inclusive housing and the right to the city, finance models for adequate housing, adequate housing and disaster risk reduction, and building a sustainable habitat.

A special event on the Global Housing Policy Indicators, or GHI, will take place on the morning of Sept. 25 with participation from Habitat for Humanity International, UN-Habitat, the Inter-Development Bank, Habitat International Coalition, TECHO, Habitat for Humanity Colombia, Habitat for Humanity Chile, local consultants and others. This session will highlight how the GHI can be used to achieve goals in advocacy, policy, institutional program design, research, dialogue and social auditing. Case studies and evidence from Chile and Colombia will be presented.  

The GHI session in Bogota will launch a regional platform for sharing research, strengthening dialogue, and exchanging information.


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